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Under The Microscope With A Micro-Editor

AprIL 21, 2012 —– 10am——— 2 Hour WORKSHOP

Under the Microscope With a Micro-Editor
by Tiffany  Lawson  Inman

Thinking of sending your manuscript to an agent?
Thinking of self-publishing? 

After a manuscript has been macro-edited, it needs to go in for the micro-edit: a dissection of the writing, line by line by line by line. Fixing little issues that create BIG problems.

Details. Nix it. Reword. Choreography. Motivation. Echo. Simultaneity. Why? Awkward. Pacing. Adverb adverb! Response? Rhythm. Wordy. Telling. Throw away. Backwards. Who?
Unnatural. Missing environment. Missing action. Missing body language.Too much.Too little. Huh?

Learn how to face the fear of micro-editing.  It is hard work,  but the end result will bring you closer to publication! Tiffany Lawson Inman will go through the basics of Micro-edit with a dramatic dissection of an unpolished scene.

Optional, bring up to 5 pages of your WIP to start micro-editing.  A sample scene will be provided for those without.


April 21, 2012 with Heart of Denver Romance Writers (you don’t have to be a romance writer to come to the workshop – all genres will benefit!) There is a $2 door fee for members. Visitors are welcome at meetings. Non-members may attend twice before being asked to join our chapter.