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23 Techniques for Fighting Dirty – A Guide For Your Fictional Throw Down HOSTED by MORE COWBELL JUDGED by NAKED EDITOR

23 Techniques for Fighting Dirty – A Guide For Your Fictional Throw Down

– Jenny Hansen

What in the heck do you mean by Fighting Dirty?

Jenny Hansen has been creating a fiction writer’s Dirty Fighting Guide on her blog,


She is offering up a graduation gift (a kick-butt contest) to all of her loyal writer/readers, a graduation into Dirty Fighting Apprenticeship. AND she’s asked me to be a part of it!!!!

Um… are you going to “fight” the winner of this contest? I’m scared, Tiffany. You are pretty tuff!

No no no. Not what this is about, AT ALL!

This is about writing a conflict into your scene, an argument. An argument that really RAMPS up the friction and gives writers the ability to toss in everything from back story to any unknown feelings in the relationship.

What is my part in it? I’m the silverhaired man in the ring, slapping the sweaty, blood soaked mat —- counting down to the TKO!

ok, not really.

Here is the real deal:

I get to do an on-screen edit of the final 3 scenes in the contest.

I will be editing your action/conflict/argument scenes to show those lucky 3 writers what works, what could be better, what is right on the money! And also: missed opportunities, how to add physicality to the scene without slowing it down, how the dialogue could be streamlined, how to add speed with the cadence of your scene, etc.

I could go on, but I want you guys to get readin’ the Guide and start on your entries!

“There are twenty-three entries on the Dirty Fighting Techniques. Surely at least one of these will help you ratchet up the conflict in your story. We want to throw those precious characters FAR under the bus.”
—- Jenny Hansen

Now head on over to Jenny’s blog and toss your characters in the mud, get them dirty, and get them FIGHTING! http://jennyhansenauthor.wordpress.com/

I want to see sweat fling, flang, flying off of those characters and their dialogue.

Make me proud!

*********** if you missed it, here is a link to my last guest blog on writing action scenes – There is More To Writing Action Than Meets the Fist

~TiffanyLawsonInman is NakedEditor

** in ref to SNL skit http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/719364/ with host Christopher Walken